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"The coming pension crisis is so big that is a problem for everyone".

9th Wonder Financial was founded by public sector employees in order to help public sector employees attain peace of mind regarding life’s financial realities.  We obviously live in very challenging times and find ourselves working harder than ever to simply meet today’s financial challenges.

Thankfully, most public sector employees can look forward to a wide array of retirement benefits and income that can greatly enhance what should be the Golden Years of life.  In order to be truly prepared for retirement peace of mind, it is critical to understand the old adage “to be forewarned is to be forearmed!”

🔹Will you have enough monthly income to live comfortably throughout your retirement?

🔹Do you have supplemental monies that can offset monthly deficits and are those monies guaranteed to last as long as you do?

🔹How will your retirement be impacted by unknown future tax rates?

🔹75% of all retirees ages 65 and older have a need for long term care and/or chronic/critical/terminal illness financial assistance, regardless of monthly income – are you prepared?

🔹Will your spouse and family be able to financially survive upon your passing?

🔹Do the children in your life have a college savings plan – with additional lifelong features?

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