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Our Vision

Whatever happened to the term “Golden Years?”  9th Wonder Financial believes that with proper research and planning, individuals, families, and business owners should be able to have their hard work, sacrifice, and savings adequately provide for them later in life.  It is human nature to address our hierarchy of needs, ensuring we do what we can to provide for today’s financial concerns.  Unfortunately, due to lack of resources, informed research, lack of prioritization, and planning people may forego preparation for tomorrow’s financial realities, which include:  

🔹403b & 457b viable options

🔹Long term care needs (the most underestimated expense during retirement planning)

🔹Having available monies for chronic, critical, and/or terminal illness needs

🔹Burial expenses

🔹Loved ones left behind to pay bills

🔹Providing a survivor’s income

🔹Unpaid taxes and debts

🔹Retirement savings and growth with minimal risk

🔹Financial liquidity for emergencies

🔹Safe and guaranteed retirement income that won’t be outlived

🔹Protection from unknown future tax rates

🔹College savings for the child or grandchild in your life

🔹Protection for business ‘key person’

🔹Premium Financing

We strive to provide each and every client with straight forward, caring service, and products tailored to meet your specific needs and wants. We are here to help you, whether you are planning for your child’s education expenses, providing for your “Golden Years,” or easing any burden on your loved ones with your final expense preparations. We are confident that your research and subsequent actions will provide the peace of mind each one of us deserves after a lifetime of hard work and sacrifice.  Thank you for taking the time to visit our site.

Our Services

Military Families

Take control of your finances, supplement your military pension, and learn about career employment opportunities for spouses and retirees.

State Retirements

Take control of your retirement plan today… and retire with peace of mind tomorrow.

Life Insurance & Annuities

Today’s most relevant solutions for life’s financial challenges: living benefits, college savings, mortgage protection, retirement income, final expense needs and legacies.

Business Owners

Protect your business through the development of a strategic retirement plan, succession plan, and/or key person coverage.

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